Annick blogs: Sandy on Tenerife

I mesmorized by a red lipped English lady of a certain age, while she is giving a tour through Loro Parque. Her name is Sandy and her northern (?) accent reminds me of the old tv-series Hi-de-Hi. She tells me and the other tourists all about the park and it being the biggest zoo of the Canary Islands (Spain).

I came to Tenerife to find people who knew Ivo while he lived on the island. From 1992 untill 2002 this was his home. In the plane I didn’t know whether it  was such a good idea to spend my vacation working on my so called film. As I arrived at the airport I was allready frustrated by the ugliness of this tourist island. I made a deal with myself: if I couldn’t find any stories I would let the whole idea go. My mind was allready at the surfersbeach in Lanzarote where I would go next.

Together with the other tourists I followed Sandy. We entered a backdoor which led us to the gorilla quarters. Sany doesn’t stop talking and making jokes.
At the beginning of the nineties, many zoos had an excess of male gorillas. Something that is normal in the wild but a real problem for zoos. Animals can’t flee their environment. Herr Kiessling, the director of Loro Parque had a “ fantastic idea”, as Sandy told us. He wanted to form a bachelor group. And then she continued: “ and Ivo was one of the first to come.” 
What did she say? Did she just say Ivo? Sandy continues by telling us all about Ivo’s life at Tenerife. And his popularity. And about his virility. 

I can’t believe it! I found my film. I am dead certain now!

January 2006