Annick blogs: Berlin here I come.
I am on a plane to Berlin. And I am not travelling alone but accompanied by a pounding head and a smell that reaches right upto first class. That is, I suspect I smell of alcohol but I am still too drunk to notice anything. Before the plane takes off, I fall asleep.
The hangover-to-be and that smell are the result of the Idfa wrap party in Amsterdam. For the past seven months I attended a screenwriting workshop at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival in which I developed a documentary. At the and of the workshop, the winner would receive 125 thousand euros to make the the film!! And at the wrap party the winner was anounced:  " And the winner is..."

Fuck! Along with the other losers I head to the bar. The winner is beaming... . But I have worked so hard on my plan! As have the other losers.  We celebrate Patrick's victory with champagne and drink our way down to wine and beer. To end up with greasy chips somewhere in the Red Light District.
At some point I must have decided to not-sleep that night. My plane to Berlin would leave at six in the morning. Sleeping would only mess with my biorithme. Whatever I do, don't stop drinking, was my device. We ended the night with eau de vie at my house… .

A taxi takes me to the airport where my colleagues from the history tv-programme I have worked for, are waiting for me. I don't know whether they are surprised to see me like this. They may know my hangovers but they haven't seen me drunk yet. I think.

This isn't any old trip. Firstly, it is my reward for my hard work during the workshop. Secondly it is the reward for my hard work at the tv programme. 
But most importantly, I am going to Berlin to find out whether IVO can be a film. My script about the daily visitors in Artis lost its shine when Ivo left the zoo. I got fascinated by his history. And I am very curious as to what his life is like in Berlin.  

I will go to the zoo as soon as I am sober. But first my colleagues want to go up the Fernsehturm. Where I fall asleep. Lovely… .

December 2005