Ivo on Finnish television
15th May 2008,
Ivo selected for Milano Film Festival
Monday September 1st 2008
Annick Blogs: Munich Break Down
Thursday February 8th 2007
Ivo selected for two competitions at the Dutch Film Festival.
Sunday 31st August 2008
Ivo nominated for two “Green Oscars”
Friday 4th July 2008,
IVO on dutch television
Monday 7th January 2008
Press: Annick in talkshow DWDD
Friday 4th January 2008
Annick at 2 Dutch radio shows
Friday November 23rd 2008
Press: Annick and Liesbeth in Talkshow Loretta
Monday November 26th 2008
Annick ‘in  De Heeren”
Wednesday 21st November 2008,
Annick blogs: Bokito
Tuesday 22nd May 2007
Annick blogs: Dreaming of Ivo.
Sunday May 13th 2007,
Annick blogs: Bed, Beds and more beds
Friday 9th February 2007, Munich,
Annick Blogs: Photo’s everywhere
Friday 9th February 2007
Picture Annick and Rossi
December 2006
Photo Tenerife
December 2006
Photo Research Tenerife
November 2006
Annick Blogs: Post-Berlin
August 2006
Photo’s in Berlin: Shooting away
August 2006
Annick Blogs: “ Our Ivo”
8th 20066
Annick blogs: Professional?
June 2006, Berlin.
Annick blogs: Herr Opitz
June 2006
Annick blogs: “I knew Ivo in Amsterdam”
June 2006, Berlin
Annick blogs: Sandy on Tenerife
January 2006
Annick blogs: Berlin here I come.
December 2005