Annick blogs: Dreaming of Ivo.
People always ask me two questions when I explain about this strange film I am working on. One is: " Is Ivo dead?" and the other is: " Do you dream about him?" And I could always answer both questions with a negative. That is, until now.  Because I have entered into a new fase: I
started to dream about Ivo.

Last night I dreamt that I was at some zoo together with Iris, the zoo keeper from Amsterdam. It clearly wasn't Berlin, but Ivo lived there. My bed was a bunkbed close to the cages the gorillas slept in. And at night, before turning in, I decided to go for a little walk (to think
about my film, as one does). While I was walking and chatting to Iris, we heard a strange sound. It was like the sound of a cow, but very close. It got closer and closer...
It was Ivo  I had forgotten to lock the cages!! (Now, this is one of the reasons I should never ever be a zoo keeper. I always lose my keys and forget to lock up.)
Everyone at the zoo panicked. I was scared to death. But luckily Iris was there. With some sweet words, she comforted Ivo and took his hand. He walked back to his quarters with her. As a result everyone got to see how sweet Ivo was. From then on, Ivo could walk in the zoo freely at night.

Did I just predict the future? Sunday May 13th 2007,