Annick blogs: Bed, Beds and more beds
Ivo is not Ivo. I found out that his real name is Stephan, like the bedshop in the centre of Munich. Now that I am in town, I decide to check Stephan out.

Now, this is a proper bedshop. Dozens of proper beds with proper matrasses displayed in a very orderly fashion. Very german. The shop owner’s name is Herr Stephan. A man in his sixties that is very pleased to talk to “eine schöne blonde Holländerin” with a question. He leads me to his office in the back of the shop.

Herr Stephan explains his connection to Ivo to me. His shop was founded in 1888 and in 1988 it had its centenary. Herr Stephan hired an ad-agency that came up with many wonderful ideas for the promotion of
“Stephan’s Beds”. Like the 88 hundred year-olds  that got together in the shop; the exciting sporting game in the stadium; and off course: the obligatory adoption of a baby gorilla at the local zoo...
With the adoption, the adoptive father got the privilege to name the little one. And naturally he chose Stephan. At the press conference Herr Stephan posed with little Stephan on his arm. Dozens of photographers took their photograph as the new father presented a giant cheque for
eight thousand Marks. After handing out the cheque big Stephan never saw little Stephan again.
And in time, his name on the sponsor’s plaque at the zoo disappeared. His wife (ex-wife he quicky adds) did go to the zoo several times. But she was sent back by the female zoo keeper when she wanted to cuddle the little fellow!

Herr Stephan admits that he never thought of the gorilla again. Would I be interested in videotapes and photographs of  the centenary? He had them at his home. And little Stephan might be on it... .
As I am about to leave his office he suddenly remembers something. The gorilla had to leave Munich: something about his aggressive behaviour. Wasn’t  he sent to some island?
I decide not to tell him about Ivo and his famous life at Berlin Zoo. I may want to use him in my film. And if I ever want to interview him, I prefer him ignorant.

Friday 9th February 2007, Munich,