Annick blogs: Professional?
I feel awkward. Really uncomfortable. All day I have talked to a certain blond woman at Berlin Zoo. A daily visitor. We talked and talked and observed Ivo (as you do). It is about the latter that I feel bad.

I was standing near the fence when Ivo approached us. Suddenly he started to impress us with his macho strutt and puffed up fur. He was roaring as well. I was shocked. You must know  Ivo never acted this way around me! For the first time I understood how some women must feel around Ivo. It is as if there are not two worlds (his world and yours) but just one. You start to feel like a gorilla yourself. Why? Because Ivo includes you in his life. And you are safe, behind the fence.

“ See? He does that for us!” the blond woman said. She obviously enjoyed his attention and stared to call his name.
“ Go on, call him.” she urged. I refused.” Why don’t you do it?” she asked. I wanted to tell her that I thought it was too pushy. That we should give the animal some peace. But I didn’t say that. “ I must be professional. I want to film him soon. And then I don’t want him to respond to my presence, you see?” I felt she didn’t appreciate my answer.

At the end of the day she let me know that she didn’t want to be in the film.

By now I am in a quiet bar in the centre of Berlin. It so very still today! The streets are absolutely deserted (if only I had brought my rollerblades). Everyone is watching the quarter finals of the World Championships. It’s Germany- Argentina.
The bar staff and some regulars are focused on the television set. The atmosphere is grim. Fortunately at the last minute the Germans score (as they do): it is 1-1. Still the ambiance is low. The fat and ugly German next to me stares at my legs.
“As if!”

I pay for my beer and head into town again. There will be penalties, I am sure.
June 2006, Berlin.